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What Roll Do Chakras and Auras Play in Psychic and Mediumship Readings?

Our bodies are made up of physical matter as well as an auric field of energy that is all around our body. The Chakras are energy centres located in our body, inside the Aura and aligned along the spine.

So why are the Chakras and Auras important for Psychic and Mediumship readings?

I sometimes hear from psychics and mediums that they have a preference for reading the energy of either chakras or the aura, but not both. I’m not sure if was learned early in their development or training that emphasizes reading one of these energy systems to the exclusion of the other but personally, I read the energy contained in both the aura and the chakras.

When I tune into someone’s chakras, I actually feel that energy in my own chakras. When I tune into someone’s aura, I see it around that person and am able to assess his/her current state, mood or intentions based on what I am seeing. By reading both I can determine whether what I am sensing in the aura is a temporary condition or more deeply rooted in an imbalance in the chakra system.

When I am doing spirit communication, I use both my aura and my chakras. I expand my aura out into the spirit world so that I am better able to make the energetic connection with spirit. I also invite spirit to step closer into my aura so that I can actually feel their energy during a reading. To convey a message through me, spirit will also touch, activate and/or energize one or more of my chakras to shed light on and help me understand where and what the matter at hand is. By not limiting myself to just reading one or the other of these energy systems I open myself up to be able to receive more information in a more efficient manner, quickly and effectively.

Give it a try. Invite spirit to impress information through your own chakras and aura so you can feel their energy and be better able to accurately deliver their messages. You will be delighted with the results. Let me know how it goes.


When you fully open up your chakras your aura will also naturally expand. There are hundreds of books, classes and exercises dedicated to chakras and auras. Below are a few easy exercises to balance your chakras.

The Root Chakra Exercise: Locate your connection to the earth by grounding yourself, literally. Walk barefoot on various surfaces, preferably natural ones, sand, grass, rock. Imagine your roots stretching down under the ground. Meditation is also fantastic.

The Sacral Chakra Exercise: Observation-based meditation is the best tool here; a walking mediation is a good example.

The Solar Plexus Chakra Exercise: Release pent up negative energy through breathing exercises, or even shout as loud as you can a few times. You could even, hit a few baseballs at a batting cage or hit a punching bag.

Heart Chakra Exercise: The best way is to practice self-love. Meditate while focussing on the colour green or pink while surrounded by nature. Practice yoga.

The Throat Chakra Exercise: Vocalizing your feelings and speaking your truth is the best way to keep a balanced throat chakra.

The Third Eye Chakra Exercise: Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale ten times, slowly and deeply.

The Crown Chakra Exercise: Yoga Tree pose and chanting "om" during mediation.


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