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Readings are a great way to help you on this journey we call life. Would you like to connect with your loved ones or receive help along your journey?


Let's chat!

Healing Stones

A 30 or 60 minute reading will connect you with loved ones who have passed with specific messages of love. Connect to angels, guides and universal energies. Receive guidance and insight for past, present and future. Spiritual advisory.

In Person, Zoom or by Phone

Spirit Grid Reading

In this 30 minute session, Nancy's one-of-a-kind Spirit Board that was co-created by her and her Spirit Guides, is used. Crystals are cast onto the board, and the reading begins. A connection is made with your spirit guides, an evaluation of your 7 major Chakras and anything else that you need to know for your highest good is covered.

In Person, Zoom or by Phone

Soul Journeying with Animals

Join on a sacred healing journey each month. Immerse yourself in a beautiful meditation with a specially channelled animal spirit. During these journeys the animal will bring forward special wisdom and medicine for you to grow, heal, find clarity, and empower you on your life journey. Animals are here to help raise the vibration of the world and each one of us.


Register for the initiation to the world of animals, their medicine and wisdom.

Animal Communication & Energy Work

It is no surprise that most mediums and  psychics can communicate with animals as they are made up of energy and have souls just like humans do. Nancy's ability to tap in and communicate with animals great and small, both here and over the rainbow Bridge, was one of the first gifts to develop early in her spiritual development. A lover of all animals, she has always been drawn to working with them and their unconditional nature.

Spiritual Coaching & Development Classes

Are you having issues with negativity, grief, relation- ships, family, communication,

or  life lessons? Perhaps feeling lost and needing a sense of purpose?

Nancy uses  her intuitive psychic mediumship abilities to help you understand your lessons, find your inner self and move forward with a more positive outlook.

Contact for a FREE 15 minute consultation. Sessions Zoom or by phone.

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