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Who Am I



  • Assertiveness Coach - Doreen Virtue

  • Astral Travel Guide - Deborah King

  • Life Force Energy Healing, I, II, III, Deborah King

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  • The Power Animals – Alberto Villoldo

I refer to myself as an “intuitive psychic medium”. I receive information from people who have passed, spirit guides, animals, and others on the other side of the veil.


I have been blessed with the gift of being able to connect with the other side since childhood. I am a 3rd generation intuitive. My focus is to bring forth awareness and healing through messages from your loved ones, deliver guidance and insight for past, present, and the future, while teaching others how to open up their own spiritual potential.


I have also always been drawn to working with animals and their unconditional nature. My ability to tap in and communicate with animals, both here and over the Rainbow Bridge, was one of my first gifts to develop. It is not a surprise, as they are made up of energy and have souls just like we do.

I like to say that I act as the bridge, or telephone, between the spiritual and the physical world, with the intention of bringing healing, guidance, closure, love and peace.​

You will often hear me say that it is my goal to put myself out of business. We all have the ability to tap into our intuition and connect with Spirit and our loved ones. 


Part of my mission is to teach others how to connect and use their intuition. I am happy to share the tools and practices that I have learned from spirit, to help you explore and build your connection and skills. No one is closer to your loved ones than you, so why not learn how?


Nancy was highly recommended to me. She came to my home and worked absolute wonders with my dog that has ongoing health issues. She communicated with him in a way I never saw before. It was beautiful and I am so thankful to have this experience with my fur baby. Nancy gave me great tips and tricks to help my dog heal from past trauma with his previous owners. She was able to connect with my loved ones that have passed on and was able to give a message from one of them. Thank you for this lovely, once in a lifetime experience Nancy! I will recommend her to every animal lover I come in contact with. 

Calli G

I absolutely loved my reading with Nancy! She confirmed a lot of things I was feeling inside and answered a lot of questions I had about myself. Everything she said was right on point. I can't wait to go back and have her do another reading for me and my family. I would highly recommend her. 

Crystal J.

Nancy's reading had an elegance and an exactness that flowed beautifully.   Her insights and connections touched a true and deep chord within me.  It ignited joy, happiness, and inspired me for my future path.  Nancy took the knowledge from my loved ones and applied the wisdom toward my future path.  I smile inside and out when I reflect on Nancy's insights....True wisdom, kindness, and compassion. I am very grateful. Thank you. 

Whitney M.

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