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Aura Colours, Health & Exercises

As mentioned in week 4’s post, we covered what an Aura is. It is simply the outward reflection of the vital energies within you.

First let’s talk about colours and what they mean. General interpretations by healers, shamans and practitioners suggest the following:

  • Red: well-grounded, energetic, strong-willed, force, vigor, energy

  • Orange: adventurous, thoughtful, considerate

  • Yellow: creative, relaxed, friendly, health

  • Green: social, communicator, nurturing, healing

  • Blue: intuitive, spiritual, freethinker, artistic, selfless

  • Indigo: curious, spiritually connected, gentle, seeking

  • Violet: wise, intellectual, independent, spiritual

  • White: truth, innocence, purity

  • Brown: down to earth, calm, organized

  • Gold: protection, spirituality

The colours are also said to correspond with the chakras, which I’ll cover next week. The combination of certain colours can mean different things, as well as the colours vibrancy or lackluster appearance. It is my belief that a person’s own experiences with colour and their perceptions of each colour, what they are seeing, and feeling should also be used as a point of reference during the interpretation.

The works of Edgar Cayce even indicate the healing properties of colour. He said that the spiritual body responds to colour forces as it does to medicine.

How to See an Aura

Children can often see auras as they are so open to the world around them. They may color someone in a certain shade of yellow or blue, not understanding that they are picking up on that person’s energy. Adults are a little different as we have spent many more years turning down the volume on our intuition. We are more centered in logic and may have to work a bit harder to see Auras again.

3 Important Tips:

1. The first step in seeing auras is to have an open mind to them.

2. The second step is to notice how you’re physically affected while around certain individuals. It’s a good idea to keep some sort of journal of this.

3. If you’ve taken a class from me, you know I always say, "Meditate, Meditate, Meditate!" Meditation has a tremendous way of changing the way we perceive things, resetting and balancing our energy.


Sit before a clean mirror. I usually give mine a once-over with glass cleaner and kill two birds with one stone LOL. The background should be light coloured and solid. A white sheet temporarily propped up behind you could do the job nicely.

Before you look into the mirror relax your eyes. Here are two quick and simple methods. Roll your eyes upward until you feel a slight strain, then return them to normal after a few seconds. Another way is to close your eyes very tightly for a few seconds. When you open them, you will feel your eye muscles and other facial muscles relax. Do one or both of these exercises several times.

We're ready now to look into the mirror. Gaze several inches above your head and a foot behind you in the mirror. Allow your eyes to go out of focus as you follow the outline of your head and shoulders. Continue to do this for about 5 minutes. Gradually your peripheral vision will be able to perceive a thin pulsating line of light emanating from your head and shoulders, perhaps half an inch wide.

Did you see it? If so begin to move your head from side to side. Are you following the light? Try taking in a deep breath and releasing it slowly. Were you able to see your aura expand? Now think of a very positive happy thought. As you do keep your eye on the aura. Did that thought make a change in your aura? Positive thoughts are believed to expand the energy field.

Some of you may see colours, although this skill usually comes with more practice. Don't be discouraged if you're not able to see your aura on the first try. It just takes practice. Remember you're using your vision in a way that you are not accustomed to.

Aura Health

The following guidelines will help you to keep your Aura in good health:

1. Start a spiritual practice- this can be anything to get you going within and towards spirituality. For example, meditation, yoga or prayer.

2. Get healthy by eating better and getting some exercise! A healthy body improves your mood and mindfulness.

3. Create reminders to present and mindful or let go of anxiety is a powerful way to change your mindset. This can be anything such as, little notes here and there, crystals, statues or jewelry. Also see my post, “Let it Go-CLICK HERE TO READ.


I see the colour energy of all as a highly tuned psychic and receptor of energy.


Chevron amethyst can be used to facilitate both the perception and the interpretation of the aura, assisting in diagnostic techniques and in the furtherance of auric cleansing. It emanates a concentrated energy, allowing for direction such that a

larger area than is usual with terminated crystals is impacted. The forceful, yet subtle, rays provide for clearing of the aura and for the release and dissipation of negativity. The enhancement of the aura has been shown by Kirlian photography. After utilization of the stone to cleanse one's aura, one can literally, become absorbed in the light of its radiance. It's further stimulates the “brighter” aspect of the individual as well as encouraging the emanating warmth and the purity of love within one's being. Placement of the Chevron amethyst on a chakra serves to release the tensions of that chakra and to further energize areas which have been static. ~ From Love is in the Earth, Melody



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