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Callie G

Nancy was highly recommended to me. She came to my home and worked absolute wonders with my dog that has ongoing health issues. She communicated with him in a way I never saw before. It was beautiful and I am so thankful to have this experience with my fur baby. Nancy gave me great tips and tricks to help my dog heal from past trauma with his previous owners. She was able to connect with my loved ones that have passed on and was able to give a message from one of them. Thank you for this lovely, once in a lifetime experience Nancy! I will recommend her to every animal lover I come in contact with. 

I got so much out of yesterday. I did a deep meditation this morning and received the message that my mom is the turning point in healing generational trauma. I’m going to explain to her about karma and how it gets resolved. She’s in for a real treat in her next life! Thanks again. Our session brought her and me even closer together and I wasn’t expecting that.

I have had both a mediumship and spirit grid reading from Nancy, and they were both extremely impactful. During the mediumship reading, she brought through a loved one with several pieces of specific information that I could validate. The messages that she was able to pass along were so meaningful and impactful for both me and my family.


In the spirit grid reading, she tapped into some very relevant and resonant themes going on in my life, and provided a lot of information and guidance in these areas. I would highly recommend Nancy as a reader, she is very accurate and also has a wonderful warm delivery of

Kristy H

Lindsay I

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