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A Healthy Way to Grieve

Many of us have been here, experiencing the struggle of grief and the emotional pain that comes with it. Navigating through loss can be debilitating, and finding a healthy way to deal with it is important. Loss is inevitable in life. We cannot control, prevent, or change it. However we can control how we handle our healing process.

A Healthy Way To Grieve will bring you through the stages of grief, from someone who has not only experienced the pain of grief herself, but someone who also communicates with those who have passed, and can tell you exactly where your loved ones are, and how they feel after their transition to the other side.

"I invite you to take this step to finding your peace again, and reconnecting with yourself. You can do this one step at a time. There is a way to heal after loss.

Learn to surf the tsunamis that come through the waves of grief and emotion. Navigate your way through life once again, and realize that you can cope after all.

Everyone grieves differently, and it is a very personal and individual experience. This takes time, and happens gradually. Whatever your experience, it is important to be gentle with yourself, be patient and kind, and allow the process to unfold naturally."

~ Carmel Joy Baird

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