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Energy- Aura

What is an Aura?

Have you ever met someone and immediately received an impression of them? Perhaps they gave off a nice “vibe or energy” and you thought, “I would like to get to know that person.” Alternatively, they gave you an uneasy and unsettled feeling, leaving you with an immediate reaction of wanting to run away as quickly as possible. Maybe several feelings, images or even colours flooded into your mind? Well guess what? You were picking up the energy of their Aura.

When we sense something about someone, we are tuning into their energy vibration or their Aura. Everyone and everything is made up of energy, and therefore, has an energy or Aura that they project. Subtle energy is produced and projected by our thoughts, feelings, actions, karma and even health. The intensity will also vary depending on the person and their mental, physical and emotional condition. Every Aura is unique to each person just like our fingerprints and has many layers. The layers also correspond with the Chakras.

This vibration surrounds us and is with us wherever we go. If you are vibrating at different extremes to a person, you may feel a disconnection. If you are vibrating at a similar level and frequency to another person, you will feel a connection. Auras project energy but also attract it. They are magnetic so be careful of the energy and thoughts you are projecting, as that energy and intentions will be attracted back to you.

Learn all that you can about Auras to help you physically and spiritually. You’ll be able to maintain a healthier body and expand your intuitive abilities while attracting positive people into your personal space.

Some psychics are exceptionally gifted at seeing the Aura and its colours. Technology has also come a far way and there are even cameras that can capture a person’s aura. The best part is we don’t need to hire someone or buy a fancy camera to see Auras. Everyone has the ability to see and feel that energy. It just takes a bit of practice. I’ll post practice exercises next week, as well as, information about colour and the Aura.

Mantra: I am attracting all that I need in my life for my highest good.

Crystal: White Coral. White Coral can be used to open and clear the crown chakra and to align the major chakras of the body with the energies of the ethereal plane.

It provides for a distinct connection with the ethereal plane, stimulating energy flow and helping to both dissipate energy blockages in the physical body and to fill any voids in ones Aura. It can also stimulate clairaudient abilities, bringing forth information which is beneficial to assist humanity.


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